About Us

At VIVI WEI I ,Vivien,  want to make the production process as transparent as possible so that you can feel confident in your choices and you can make informed decisions about where to invest your hard-earned money. I believe that clothes should only be made if they are done so ethically and have personally stopped buying from any fast-fashion brand as of 2020. Therefore acknowledging the catastrophic effects fast fashion has on the environment (the 2nd largest pollutant in the world) - VIVI WEI also commits to being as sustainable and eco-friendly as I can. This is done by sourcing materials in the UK and working with local independent businesses to achieve the highest quality pieces for all my customers ♡ 
My aim is to responsibly create garments, reducing the impact on the environment and spreading awareness about ethical fashion.
If you want to embrace your inner pastels dreams or live out your Y2K outfits from Depop - VIVI WEI will become a staple in your wardrobe. Being kind to the Earth is cool so treat yourself to something made by someone who has been treated well !
Here’s how I am trying combat fast-fashion by producing garments ethically at VIVI WEI:
✿I source and manufacture locally in the UK minimising our carbon footprint in the world.
✿Being ethically manufactured locally in the UK and with independent freelancers in the UK- I can ensure respectful and caring treatment of all the workers. Including paying fair, living wages to the people who make VIVI WEI clothes.
✿ VIVI WEI garments are packaged in 100% recyclable packaging
✿Our clothing is made in limited batches to reduce waste and ensure sustainable practices. This also allows us to focus on quality over quantity.⠀
✿I am devoted to making VIVI WEI as eco-friendly as possible and am continuously evolving the processes such as bio-degradable/recycled fabrics etc. in order to achieve zero-waste and towards ambitious sustainability targets.


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