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My Story

Hi! I am Vivien, the founder of VIVI WEI - a UK made slow fashion brand inspired by 90’s/00s fashion. Each item is ethically produced in limited runs to ensure that the items you purchase are of the highest quality! 

I’ve been dreaming of creating my own clothing label ever since I opened up my Depop (@shopvivien) shop when I was 15 and have been sourcing and selling items ever since, I loved the sustainable idea of buying and recycling clothing without contributing to the fast fashion industry and also finding my favourite vintage rare items! I find it so difficult to let go of my favourite Y2K finds but love seeing people adore the item I’m selling as much as I do, especially seeing how different people style them. My goal is to make it easier to find this style of clothing as well as more accessible to everyone. I always found ideal pieces that weren’t my size or were not the item I had envisioned (too long or the wrong colour etc.) , so I decided to alter the items to my own style. The essence of VIVI WEI grew from my love for finding 90’s/00s style clothing and how there isn’t a slow fashion brand that emulates that perfect Y2K look that is so rare to find. Embracing my colourful style can really put a smile on my face whatever day it is and I want to share this feeling with you too! Im so excited to share upcoming projects as I love every piece so much and I hope you do too, you can find out more on our instagram @shopviviwei xx